The best time to buy insurance is when you cannot buy it.

Is that some kind of teaser in the header?

Well, try reading it once more. This time, slowly and carefully giving some thoughts to every single word.

Alright, I know it still sounds, or perhaps even more, perplexing! *lol*

Now, imagine this:

Tom is a blue-collared in his late-twenties. He exercises regularly & maintains a balanced diet. He just had his medical check-up done and the results couldn’t have been more satisfying.

Jerry is a Father with 2 kids in his late-forties. He needs to juggle between his work & family, & very often finds it tough to allocate time for exercise. He indulges in big feasts as a form of relief to his highly stressful but well-paid job. Recently, he went for a medical check-up & was advised by his GP to go on pills for his high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes conditions.

Today, both Tom & Jerry wish to take up medical insurance.

Tom is absolutely conscious that he will age & his health may just deteriorates. He is even more concerned that a calamitous event or major illness would vividly render him with a big dent in his finances. Though it would mean that he needs to further budget his expenses to pay for the premiums, he feels that this is an essential need to have & an immediate concern to be addressed to. He anticipates that insurance will play a big part in time to come. Especially when he builds a family & all the rest that comes with it.

Jerry had never feel the urgency to have a medical insurance (in fact, not any kind of insurance) until his last consultation with his GP. He has realised that it is time to have insurance now.

Who do u think has a greater need of insurance at this moment? 

Retrospectively, who do u think the Insurance companies would prefer to extend their coverage to?

I am sure that if u were to ask any Insurance-based adviser when is the best time to buy insurance, unless he/she is insane, the highly probable answer that u are going to get is “NOW“!

I’m not insane either. But the ultimate aim of my delivery is to remind u that insurance company is not a charity organisation. Especially for those of u who have bought participating policies, surely u wish to see that the company reaps in profits & shares palatable bonuses with u, isn’t it?!

So while u may wish to choose the absolute moment to buy your insurance, please also bear in mind that no profitable organisations are set up with the aim to make losses.

Don’t wait for the “best” time to buy insurance. 

The “best” time in your perspective is the “worst” time in the Insurer’s assessment. Hence, one may not be granted his/her insurance application when the need arises. 

Buy it while u can qualify for it (ie. when one is still healthy) in order to get prepared when the time of need arrives (ie. when one falls ill). We may be at the peak of our health now, but we are after all human beings.

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