Hock Beng helps individuals, families, SMEs, and financial consultants to be better prepared for financial resilience through wisdom-driven “HEARD” advisory skills. This authentic skillset provides clarity, balanced, focus, and confidence that generate consistent performance result in challenging times.

Estate & Legacy Planning

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estate planning for you.

Retirement Planning

It’s vital to build a decent nest egg that will allow you to meet your financial commitments in your golden years.

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Financial Health Check

Have you ever wonder if your money if it is in good hands? Have you done your financial health check?

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Investment Planning

Do you want your hard-earned income to work even harder for you?

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People Developer (Mentorship Program)

Do you want to advance your career in financial advisory?
Your success is inevitable if you have the right skill sets, mindset, and actions.

Check out how our Mentor can guide you by curating a MENTORSHIP ROADMAP to be a financial coach! Get in touch with our Mentor if you have any questions about the program to aid you to build and own your independent financial advisory practice!

Education Planning

Tertiary education is pricy, hence you would need to plan ahead for your child’s education as soon as possible.

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