Your Last 7,000 Days

What strategies are you considering to ensure a steady retirement income for your last 7,000 days?

Date and Time : 15 April 2023, 9:30 am

Venue : 150 Beach Road, Level 12, Gateway West, Singapore 189720

Statistics at a Glance

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Residents aged 65 & above in Singapore by 2030

Coffee 20 years ago

Coffee now

are not preparing adequately or at all for a comfortable retirement.

have never saved specifically for retirement.

Average Singaporeans’ household income per year for comfortable retirement living

Half of CPF Members have less than this amount

(Data extracted from Department of Statistics of Singapore & Central Provident Fund Board of Singapore)

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The Last 7000 Days

3 Reasons Why You Need to Plan for Retiement - Now

Reason #1:
People are living longer.

Reason #2:
Money will be worth less in the future.

Reason #3:
Health matters.

(And 4 more reasons we’ll share at our upcoming talks)

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The Last 7000 Days

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